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Taghazout: (fishing village)

2-3 people
Apartment 21b-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 23-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 21-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 22-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 29a-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 16-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 16c-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 24 favorable Taghazout

3-5 people
Apartment 27a Lux Taghazout
Apartment 27d Lux Taghazout
Apartment 1 Taghazout
Apartment 2 Taghazout

BIG !! 3-5 rooms LUXURY
Apartment 28a-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 28b Taghazout
Apartment 28c Taghazout
Apartment 28d Taghazout

Apartment 25ab Taghazout
with pool and barbecue

Tiguert: (Fishing village)
Apartment36a Tiguert

Apartment 35
for sell
(surf and sportfishing)


Studio 84 Agadir
Apartment 87 Agadir


Residenz Naval
Apartment 82 Agadir
Apartment AG-85 Lux
Apartment 86

Aourir (Bananas):
House Aourir
a crazy House No 40

Aghroud (dream beach):
Apartment 37 Aghroud
House 30 nice
House 34

see too:



Property for sell



Walking in the country of the Berber

Walking in Tamarout

By the deep ravines of the Oued Tamrarht up to the small palm and Bananenhain, at the foot of the typical stone houses of the old village Tamarout - rock, see-worthy formations, fossils... Receipt with tea in the village with our berberischen hosts.

Tamarout Half daily trip with approx. two-hour, very easy foot march
Beginning: 9°° (return: 13:30)
Price 24.00 Euro. For children under 12 years in company: 12.00 Euro.

Between sea and mountains

In the midst of cactus and Argan trees by impressing rock areas winding paths lead themselves the barley fields of the elevated plateaus sun-flooded by the wild beaches of the coast up to with Ait Bihi. Its houses standing around the traditional Tiguemmi. At private individuals you become acquainted with a life far away from the modern comfort. They have the opportunity into the preparation by traditional specialities (Berber bred, Argan oil) to be inaugurated whereby the age-old hospitality and the cordialness of the inhabitants will surround you. They will have joy at the family berberish kitchen with their to blow and natural added from the environment.

Tasga Ou Drar, Daily trip: 4 to 5 hour more easily foot march
Beginning: 9°° (return: 18:30)
Price 39.00 Euro. For children under 12 years in company: 17.00 Euro.

Tamazirt, One and half Daily trip: 4 to 5 hour more easily foot march
Beginning: 9°° (return next day: 12:00)
Price 59.00 dh. Euro. For children under 12 years in company: 32.00 Euro.

Remote valleys and palmenhaine. 3 days.
Paths and Tiguemmi. 5 days.
Accommodation with private or in the tent.
Routes, programs and prices on request



Excursions et promenades "à la carte".
Hébergement "au village", en maison d'hôtes et en bivouac.
70120 Taghazout - Province d'Agadir
RC 31970 - N° de Patente 48768240.

email : imaziren
nach oben

Rooms from 8 Euro up -- Apartments from 30 Euro up -- Car rental from 20 Euro up.

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