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Info Taghazout - Agadir

Holidays in Taghazout near Agadir.
Where the sun shine - 350 days a year!

Taghazout Fischerhafen Welcome to Taghazout.
Just eighteen kilometers North of Agadir, nestled in between the rolling countryside and the sea, lies the small Berber fishing village of Taghazout.

Pronounced "ta-ra-zoot", the former hippie haven, turned surfing destination, proudly maintains its quaint village atmosphere.

With blue skies and sunshine overhead, and fresh fish caught by the local fisherman everyday, Taghazout is the ideal place to kick back and relax, and enjoy the vibrance, warmth and charm of a true Berber community.

There are many interesting excursions in the back part of the country: beautiful valleys, wonderful waterfalls, oases and old Kasbahs. You feel like being part of 1001 Nights and like living 200 years ago. The Berber, the old Moroccan population is still living their traditional life, with donkeys and their typical handicraft.

The coast invites to do a lot of sports, like surfing, sailing, biking, hiking, sport-fishing and camel-treks. After that, you may taste the delicious tajine and couscous, the specialties of the Moroccan kitchen.


surf at the world-famous anchor point in Taghazout Taghazout is the best Wave surf spot in Africa and Morocco. The best season for surfing is from October until April. Many surfers are coming here from all part of the world until Australia.

Reservation of surfboards and surf-courses should previously be reserved by Email.


Private lodgings

Taghazout Strand SonnenuntergangWe rent out year-roundly rooms at interesting prices. We have very beautiful Apartments only 10 meters by the sea with a breathtaking view of the balcony quite in front. We also have a quite exclusive Penthouse on the roof with a 360 degrees panorama as well as luxurious houses and villas for the demanding taste.



Morocco has everything: impressing nature: high mountains, eternal deserts, fruitful levels, endless Atlantic beaches.
  • We like to send you a list over vacation dwellings and Apartments.
  • Collection service of the airport Agadir to Taghazout is possible.
  • Enquiries asks by e-mail

more pictures click here: >>> Apartments Overlook

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Rooms from 8 Euro up -- Apartments from 30 Euro up -- Car rental from 20 Euro up.

Please call or send an Email !
You will get immediate response.

(Also when you are fuller frustration because of permanent rainy weather and you want only to know how is the weather here.)

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  • High session for winter is from 1st dec to1st febr.

last update 1 April, 2008 Your TAGHAZOUT-PROFI for Reservations and Info!

Apartments list
Apartments Overlook

Taghazout: (fishing village)

2-3 people
Apartment 21b-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 23-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 21-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 22-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 29a-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 16-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 16c-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 24 favorable Taghazout

3-5 people
Apartment 27a Lux Taghazout
Apartment 27d Lux Taghazout
Apartment 1 Taghazout
Apartment 2 Taghazout

BIG !! 3-5 rooms LUXURY
Apartment 28a-Lux Taghazout
Apartment 28b Taghazout
Apartment 28c Taghazout
Apartment 28d Taghazout

Apartment 25ab Taghazout
with pool and barbecue

Tiguert: (Fishing village)
Apartment36a Tiguert

Apartment 35
for sell
(surf and sportfishing)


Studio 84 Agadir
Apartment 87 Agadir


Residenz Naval
Apartment 82 Agadir
Apartment AG-85 Lux
Apartment 86

Aourir (Bananas):
House Aourir
a crazy House No 40

Aghroud (dream beach):
Apartment 37 Aghroud
House 30 nice
House 34

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